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Thursday, March 25, 2004
My F.A.G list - Frequently Asked (by) Googlers
There are certain people, topics, and words that lead people to my blog, Blog Over Troubled Water, over and over and over again!

I have already created a special link to all the request regarding American Idol, (see post below) but I thought I would take the time to help try and help some other folks out.

SEARCH: Josh Duhamel naked nude photos book picture gay
Yes, it is true the hunky star of Las Vegas, All My Children, and the movie Win A Date With Tad Hamilton did pose completely in the buff for some art photos before hitting the big time. The photos are in a book by Greg Gorman called As I See It - unfortunately the book is out of print and quite expensive.

But good news: here is a pic from the book of Josh's backside and cropped chest shot of the full-frontal. But to make up for that...here is one from this site that shows Josh in a speedo. Thanks to Celebrating the Soaps: The Men of Daytime!

Josh is currently engaged to be married (to a woman)...so while this does not make someone "straight"...I think it is a pretty good indication...so I think it is just wishful thinking otherwise.

If you are looking for the Vanity Fair shot where all Josh is wearing is shorts and a pair of crutches...go here.

Five (fully-clothed) pictures of Josh from a 2004 GQ shoot (as well as a bunch of others) can be found near the bottom of this page.
SEARCH: Nate Berkus gay nude naked shirtless
Oprah's interior design guy always seems to bring folks to my blog...whenever he is on, he inevitably re-appears in force on my search hits.

So to answer the first question... yes, Nate is gay. He was featured as one of Out Magazine's 100 Greatest Gay Success Stories of 2003 and has also won other gay "image" awards related to his design firm. Here is a link to his "official" website: Nate Berkus Associates. I have read he has a long time boyfriend...but also of late there is a rumored relationship with "Will & Grace" co-creator Max Mutchnick.

But the greater search is for Berkus in any stage of undress. Unfortunately they do NOT exist to my knowledge. Nate seems to be a pretty private guy so I don't expect to see him doing any beefcake shots any time soon...and given his meteoric rise in popularity...I think if there were such photos existed they would have plastered all over the Internet by now....but we can hold out hope. If they pop up, I will link to them here...but until then keep on searching!
Thursday, March 04, 2004
American Idol 3
Since I started blogging about American Idol 3 I have been getting a lot of Google, Yahoo, and other search hits ... that is probably why you are here!

Here is a quick in index of all my blog entries related to the 2004 competition.

I can probably not provide any help if your search included any of the following words: nude, naked, boobs, t*ts, etc. (well, unless otherwise noted!) ;-)

May 27 - Fantasia Wins: I'm A Believer

May 26 - Week 11: Finale Finally

May 20 - Week 10 Results: Aloha Jazzy

May 19 - Week 10: Arista Development (Guest judge: Clive Davis)

May 13 - Week 9 Results: Don't Leave Me This Way (LaToya voted off)

May 12 - Week 9 Thoughts: Duck! It's Disco Night

May 06 - Week 8 Results: Sweatin' To The Oldies (George Voted Off)

May 05 - Week 8: Big Band Night Commentary

On Vacation: No Week 7 Commentary

Apr 22 - Week 6 Results: Looks Like We Made It...NOT (Jennifer ousted)

Apr 21 - Week 6: Ready To Take A Chance Again (Barry Manilow Night)

Apr 16 - Week 5 Results: For JPL It's Return To Sender

Apr 15 - Week 5 Thoughts: Movie Night

Apr 08 - Week 4 Results: I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues Camile

Apr 07 - Week 4 Thoughts: Where's the John (Elton John night)

Apr 01 - Week 3 Results: Amy Goes...but what the funk is it about John S and Camile?

Mar 30 - Week 3 Thoughts: Funk You (Motown Night)

Mar 25 - Week 2 Results: Roger(s) and Out

Mar 24 - Week 2 Thoughts: It's A Little Bit Country

Mar 18 - Week 1 Results: Cya Leah .... and JP/Matt under the gaydar

Feb 17 - Week 1 Thoughts: Soul

Mar 16 - Early exits for Leah and Mr. Rogers?

Mar 11 - A Little More Conversation About John Peter (Wildcard results show)

Mar 10 - A Not-So Wild (Card) Show...But One Joker

Mar 04 - Group 4 results (John Stevens and Jasmine Trias move on) & Wildcard Predictions

Mar 03 - Commentary on Group 4 performances... wake me up when it's over....

Feb 26 - Group 3 results show (LaToya and Amy move on)... Donnie arrested and booted from show.

Feb 25 - Commentary on performances from Group 3... "LaToya London Is Indeed All By Herself"

Feb 21 - Feeling a bit "Hung"-Over

Feb 19 - Group 2 Results Show (Aloha to Camile and Matt) ... preview of Groups 3 & 4.

Feb 18 - Commentary on performances from Weak 2

Feb 17 - Queer Idols? Internet abuzz about Briana and Marque.

Feb 16 - Thanks to the Fantasia Barrino Fan Site for adding a link to my blog... the "article" it refers to is Feb 11 (click below)

Feb 12 - Group 1: The Results (Fantasia and Diana move on), preliminary thoughts about Group 2.

Feb 11 - Group 1: Commentary on the 8 performances.

Feb 10 - Google hits galore and mostly for Briana

Feb 05 - Initial impressions of the final 32.

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